Four reasons you should consider a photo booth

By November 28, 2013Photo Booths
Bride in Photo Booth CSRA

All wedding receptions should be a fun and unforgettable event, shared with family and friends, celebrating your new lives together as husband and wife. So, the main priority is making sure everyone has a great time! You have the caterer and DJ booked and ready to go, but you still want another form of entertainment. Why not use a photo booth? I remember taking goofy pictures with my friends in a photo booth at the zoo or county fair, and I still have the photos to this day. They are as fun now as they were then! Today, renting a photo booth has become a huge trend among brides and grooms looking for fun and exciting ways to capture extra wedding memories
1. Photos are received instantly.
Professional photographers are perfect for taking engagement and must-have wedding and reception photos, but you have to wait a few weeks to see them. Photo booth pictures are received right after the snapshot! We suggest thinking of creative ways to use the photos during your reception. Ideas such as a photo board or hanging photo tree are great ways to incorporate guest participation. Not only will these ideas add extra fun to the evening,  but you will also be able to leave with a special gift created by your guests.
2. Photos can be used to create a unique guestbook.
It seems that ideas from Pinterest and other DIY projects have encouraged brides to have more of a personalized wedding when it comes to decorations and keepsakes. Photo booth creations fit right in! Adding photos to your guestbook will immediately transform it from traditional to unique! Keep in mind that we will have an experienced staff member present to assemble requested keepsakes and take care of any problems that may arise. After directing each guest to the photo booth as they arrive, the attendant will add their picture to your customized book on the spot! Lori added that for an extra special touch, guests can leave a sweet message for you and your groom right next to their photo.
3. It provides extra entertainment.
Your guests are a big part of your wedding day; therefore, you will certainly want to have memories of them being there. The best way to capture their attendance is with pictures! If you only have one photographer, photos of your guests can easily be overlooked. The great thing about a photo booth is that it won’t go unnoticed, and it’s guaranteed that you will not be short-handed on guest photos. Lori explains that each photo strip can be added to a customized memory book assembled in real time. Just like the guestbook! You and your groom will have a wonderful time flipping through the book while on your honeymoon. It’s a great way to see just how much fun your guests were having while you were tending to other reception duties.
4. Props, Props, Props.
What would a photo booth be without props? That’s like peanut butter without the jelly! These booths are fun for any age, especially the older crowd. You can’t be shy and you must dress up! Fortunately, those are the rules! With every photo booth comes the promise of priceless photos. “Props definitely make the photo booth,. “I have an overflowing trunk full of them, and I constantly add to it. On the other hand, I may not have all the props a bride will need if she is having a themed reception. In that case, we encourage them to bring extra props if they want to. The more the merrier!” The standard props such as the feather boas, mustaches, fun signs, and big funky sunglasses don’t have to be your only options. Be as creative as you want with props for your photo booth. It is a fun fact that you will see the goofy side of everyone!
Bride getting down in the photo booth
Props-GlassesGetting Ready for some photo booth fun